What is the ACD?
The Amsterdam Career Days (ACD) is the largest career event in Amsterdam. The ACD is organised by students for students. It's aim is to guide students in their choices at the beginning of their careers. Through various business presentations, case studies, trainings, lunches, high wines, dinners, barista workshops, sushi workshops, network cruises and networking drinks, you will be able to find out more about a wide range of multinationals and other companies!
Will I be able to go to the event without signing up for activities?
No, for all the activities signing up is mandatory. However, there is always the possibility that there are still some seats available for a presentation. If that is the case you might still be able to join it. You cannot sign up for the lunch, drink at the end of the day and the cv checks, but you still need to sign up for any of the other activities. Be aware: The registration form also asks for grades lists to be uploaded, however you only need to upload these if you applied for a program item with CV selection
I prefer to apply only for a program item with CV-selection
No, grades lists only need to be uploaded if you have applied for a program item with grades lists. These programs are marked with *.
My CV (and/or grades list) do not upload.
Most likely, the reason why your CV does not upload is because the document is not in Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format. Make sure you upload your CV in one of these formats. The grades list need to be uploaded in pdf. You have to combine all your lists into one pdf file. You can make use of tools like these to combine your grade lists. (http://www.pdfmerge.com/)
How likely will it be that I get selected?
To get selected, it is in the first place important that you upload your cv (and grades list if necessary). Companies will choose students who suit best their preferred job profile and wishes. You increase your chances by uploading an up-to-date CV and to register for multiple activities.
Until when can I change my personal program?
For activities at the ACD (4 - 8 March): - If you unsubscribe at least two workdays before the day your activity takes place, you won't receive a fine. Beware: only cancellations that were done before 5 PM count are accepted. - If you unsubscribe later than 5 PM, two days before the activity, a fine of €20,- will be charged. For example: If you are registered for an activity at the ACD on Thursday March 7, you need to deregister at least before 5 PM on Tuesday March 5 in order to not get a fine. Would you deregister at 5:01 PM or later on March 5, this means a fine will be charged. - If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the ACD, a fine of €25,- will be charged. Deregistration should take place through email (info@acd.nu) or call us (Only during the ACD from 08:00-18:00). The fine will be collected automatically after the ACD. See the terms & conditions.


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