Here you can find the frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the livechat of e-mail us at info@acd.nu.

What is the ACD?
The Amsterdam Career Days (ACD) is the largest career event in Amsterdam. The ACD is organized by students for students. Its aim is to guide students in their choices at the beginning of their careers. Through various business presentations, case studies, training, lunches, dinners and other informal activities, you will be able to find out more about a wide range of multinationals and other companies!
How much does a ticket cost?
The ticket-price is €7,89. This will grant you full access to all activities during the Amsterdam Career Days.
My CV does not upload
Most likely, the reason why your CV does not upload is because the document is not in Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format. Make sure you upload your CV in one of these formats.
How likely will it be that I get selected
To get selected, it is in the first place important that you upload your CV. Companies will choose students who suit best their preferred job profiles and wishes. You increase your chances by uploading an up-to-date CV and to register for multiple activities. You can send your CV to campus@joust.nl and receive feedback from them!
Until when can I register?
You can register until 12 February 2021, 23:59
Until when can I unsubscribe from an activity?
If you unsubscribe at least two workdays before the day your activity takes place, you won't receive a fine. Beware: only cancellations that were done before 5 PM are accepted. If you unsubscribe later than 5 PM, two days before the activity, a fine of €20,- will apply. For example: If you are registered for an activity at the ACD on Thursday March 4, you need to deregister at least before 5 PM on Tuesday March 2 in order to not get a fine. Would you deregister at 5:01 PM or later on March 2, this means a fine will be charged. Deregistration should take place through email (info@acd.nu). The fine will be collected automatically after the ACD. See the terms & conditions.
What happens if I don’t show up for an activity?
If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the ACD, a fine of €25,- will be charged. Deregistration should take place through email (info@acd.nu) or call us (Only during the ACD from 08:00-18:00). The fine will be collected automatically after the ACD. See the terms & conditions.
What if I don't turn on my camera during my activity?
While it's in your own interest to have your camera turned on during your activity, we also expect you to do so out of respect for the recruiters or employees of the company. Therefore, not turning on your camera during an activity will count as a "no-show". A fine of €25,- will be charged.
What is an anonymous CV?
An anonymised CV is a CV without your personal details. Your anonymised CV may NOT include: - Name - Gender - Date of birth - Phone number - (email) address - Social media Photos or any other information that can make the selection subjective or can be used by a company to contact you Note: You do not have to remove the dates of your education/experience
Why do I have to fill in my IBAN after I have paid for the event?
If a student does not attend his/her activity or cancels it too late, we use the IBAN to fine the student. For more details, read our terms and conditions at https://www.amsterdamcareerdays.nl/terms-conditions/
What is the location of the Amsterdam Career Days?
This year, the Amsterdam Career Days will be held online. We will work with the platform Let’s Get Digital. More information about the online platform will follow soon on our website and social media!
Will there be any physical activities or is the event online?
Due to the current COVID-19 measures, we are unable to have physical activities. All of our activities will be online and therefore also accessible to students who are currently not in Amsterdam. We will use the online platform Let’s Get Digital. More information about this platform and how it works will follow soon.
What is the dresscode for the Amsterdam Career Days?
Even though the event will take place online, the dresscode for the Amsterdam Career Days is business formal.
How does COVID-19 influence this edition of the Amsterdam Career Days?
Due to the RIVM measures, all the activities take place online. We will be using the platform Let’s Get Digital. More information about this platform will follow soon. Are you joining a lunch, dinner, high wine, beer tasting or sushi workshop? We will send you the supplies!
I’m an international student living abroad, can I apply as well?
You can apply, but the chances are high that we are not able to send you a box with the required food/drinks for the informal activity. You need a Dutch shipping address for this. However, if you are interested in the company, you can still attend the event without the food/drinks provided by us.


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