About Expeditors


At Expeditors, we recruit, train, and retain the very best logistics and technical experts the world over. We love to promote from within—more than 27 percent of our staff of 16,000 employees has been at Expeditors 10 years or more. A unique compensation program for positions that are more than just jobs influences our high retention rate—they are chances to grow, thrive, and do what you love.

Office Culture:

Around the office, you can feel a great sense of pride in our work, energy in what we do, and focus on customer satisfaction. Leadership, teamwork and trust are prevailing winds that push rewarding careers and our great company forward. While our office are neat and our dress professional, we love curiosity and aren’t afraid to have a little fun.

Core values:

Appearance: A neat office and a neat personal appearance speak to our commitment to a higher level of professionalism in everything we do.

Confidence: When we trust in ourselves and in our coworkers, we can achieve great things together.

Curiosity: We encourage our people to inquire, investigate, be curious, and grow with the knowledge and inspiration that come with a great discovery.

Excellence: Our people challenge themselves every day to go beyond that which is expected and push to another level—a level of excellence.

Pride: It feels good to be part of something special and unique, and to know that you are valued.

Vision: We believe in doing more than what may be asked—to lead with insight and vision that manage the evolving needs of our clients and our company.

Attitude: Every day, we bring the right attitude for service, for teamwork, and for what it takes to succeed for our clients and our company.

Sense of Humor: While our business is serious, a sense of humor keeps us listening, learning, and having fun with the talented people we work with and for.


Where Room 08
When March 5th
Time 09:00 - 12:30


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