About PCN


Buzzwords. They’re all the rage in job descriptions, but how often do they actually have any meaning?

We do things differently. That may sound nice, but what actually makes a company different? Do they have cucumber water on tap? Pizza lunch on Friday to change up the boterham met pindakaas routine? This might be different to some employers, but what makes a company different in 2022? How about challenging the age old 5 day work week? Not requiring 5 years of experience for a junior position?

It’s safe to say at PCN, we know how to back up our buzzwords. Permanent 4 day work week? Yep. Developing, upskilling and training straight out of Uni? Check. Our journey towards becoming an industry leader happened not just by doing what every other recruitment company does, but by looking to see how we can fit a square peg into a round hole. Swimming against the current has always been a part of our DNA and it’s our philosophy to keep pushing the envelope.

We want to develop our future and that means investing in you. We do this by making sure everyone is set up for success through our Sales Consultant Traineeship, a full time paid position kicked off by an intensive traineeship in learning how to. We believe in a practical and a learn-on-the-job approach in the fields of Account Management, Business Development, Recruiting, Candidate Sourcing, Sales, and Negotiation.

This means we’re always looking for motivated, friendly, and ambitious people who like to have a laugh, while bringing something unique to our international team. You come into the company with a team who dynamically learn from each other, guided by mentors, all while learning and developing in a motivating environment.

We can’t wait to have you on board. Join our Sales Consultant Traineeship today.


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