About ProRail

* Dutch speaking only

When people hear the name ProRail, they often think of trains first. However, it’s a bit different: we manage, maintain, renew, and enhance all railway networks in the Netherlands. It’s crucial work because for over 175 years, millions of people have relied on a good and safe rail system. Train travel is fast, safe, and sustainable. The Dutch railway network is one of the busiest, most reliable, and sophisticated in the world. About 5,000 dedicated colleagues ensure that the tracks and everything around that to them remain safe and well-maintained. From beautiful stations and platforms to well-kept bridges, tunnels, crossings, switches, and signals. And more, such as optimizing schedules, managing our own mobile and electricity networks, and analyzing large amounts of data. Our professionals do this with their unique knowledge, talents, and capabilities. And our work is far from finished. The numbers show that the demand for train transport continues to grow. That is why we welcome good ideas, innovative concepts and new technologies. You can increase your knowledge, improve your skills or work on your personal development. This way, you contribute not only to sustainable mobility and the future of the Netherlands but also to your own career. A career that aligns with your talents and interests. Whatever makes your heart beat faster, at ProRail, you’ll find opportunities, possibilities, and work to be proud of. Are you keeping the Netherlands in motion?

Working at ProRail. Moving forward every day.


Thanks for joining us at the 29th Amsterdam Career Days! We hope you found it rewarding and came away with valuable insights and opportunities. We hope to see you next year at our lustrum 30th Edition!

If you have any other questions, contact us at info@acd.nu