About Shell Recharge Solutions

We are Shell Recharge Solutions, formerly known as NewMotion. We are on a mission to enable everybody to drive as many miles as possible powered by clean electricity.

We want to preserve the world for future generations. From more sustainable transport to smarter energy ecosystems: we believe it is time to speed up the transition to a lower-carbon world. With our passion for e-mobility, we empower people to go electric and charge smart.

No matter your customers’ lifestyle, business, car, or budget, we are committed to making electric driving as simple and convenient to as many people as possible.We do this by designing, building, and supporting smart charging solutions for business charging, home charging and charging on-the-go. Our award-winning services include charge points and a mobile app and charge card, that provide access to 250,000 charge points in over 35 countries – the largest charging network of Europe.With some of the most passionate and experienced minds on our side, we make sure that each charging solution is easy and accessible. We empower our customers to charge smart and provide a complete package of services, including advanced insights, control and guidance that help them to optimise the use of vehicles and charge locations.As our network grows, driving an electric vehicle is becoming more convenient than ever. Today, we are proud to be Europe’s largest smart charging partner.We’re proud to announce that from early next year, NewMotion will rebrand as Shell Recharge Solutions. Uniting under one name with Greenlots and Shell Recharge, will allow us to accelerate the journey to net-zero and support drivers, businesses and our partners in their switch to electric. By doing this, we’re enabling cleaner transportation for all, while driving the way towards a low-carbon future.

This is our electric future together. Plug in.


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