We are SINCERIUS, a pioneer in data-driven due diligence.  We get the most out of data for our clients, then translate that into clear, concise advice. We are hard workers who set the bar high when it comes to quality. Hands-on. Spot-on. Sincere.

SINCERIUS offers next-level transaction services and supports clients through every phase of the investment cycle with financial due diligence, business intelligence solutions, and performance improvement.

Financial Due Diligence

Most of our clients are looking for help around the financial challenges that come with mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Buyers and sellers often need quick insight into the underlying profitability, financial risks, and opportunities they should consider in their valuation and negotiations. We handle around 150 financial due diligence investigations every year, primarily for private equity firms. 

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our in-house development team has developed the SINCERIUS Business Insight tool, providing financial and operational KPIs and reports for our clients in a single dashboard – real-time business performance insights tailored to their specific needs. We also use the innovative analysis tools developed by our BI team in our financial due diligence analysis to offer next-level transaction services.

Performance Improvement

Every company has room to improve, but in day-to-day business, there often isn’t time for solid, in-depth analysis. SINCERIUS has the knowledge and experience to take a broad, fresh look at a company. We conduct targeted analyses and provide insight into the best strategies. We aren’t just focused on figures, we delve into the world behind the figures. We research and interpret that data into concrete, well-founded recommendations.


Our small, professional teams can adapt easily, weigh the right risks, and identify the points that really matter. Our solutions-oriented mentality and transparent approach mean we deliver concise, high-quality work.

To keep our service at the next level, we’re always challenging ourselves and focusing on growth and development. And it isn’t just the client who benefits – so do you. You can develop and grow with us by working closely with our experienced and motivated team, paired with an innovative and self-directed training scheme. Our people are just a little bit different – a little more honest, accessible, headstrong, and pragmatic. At SINCERIUS, we create space for openness, honesty, and vulnerability. That creates a fun, safe learning and working environment, as well as a steep learning curve.

Our clients

SINCERIUS advises Dutch and international clients, with a focus on Dutch private equity firms. Our regular clients include Mentha Capital, Gilde Healthcare, Capital A, Rabo Investments, and ING Corporate Investments. 

We have built a solid reputation in the M&A community. We’ve been nominated almost every year since 2013 for the M&A Awards in the ‘Best Transaction Services Advisor’ category. In 2018 we won, in 2019 we were actually nominated twice, and in 2020 we were nominated again.

Getting the full picture?

We’re always looking for new colleagues with a talent for zooming in and out of data – people who can see the links between numbers, quickly get to the heart of things, and have an eye for detail. People who can see the full picture. You bring analytical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to the table, we provide a steep learning curve, fantastic benefits, and a team of amazing, passionate colleagues.

Do you have an economic, quantitative and/or a STEM background and are you in studying for your master’s or recently graduated? Are you interested in the analytical aspects of M&A? Find out if SINCERIUS is right for you! 

Want to know more?

Visit werkenbijsincerius.nl to browse our openings and find more in-depth information about our company. You can also contact us directly at smits@sincerius.nl. Naomi Smits (HR Advisor) would be happy to answer any questions you may have about a career at SINCERIUS. 


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