About Young Colfield

At Young Colfield we focus on your growth and discovery journey. We facilitate a breeding ground in which young talent can grow. We facilitate this in 4 ways: A multi-company Talent Program; Dedicated Programs within ING and ABN-AMRO; Crowd Consulting and trainings.

Young Colfieders are open-minded boosters: a new generation of independent people who keep on searching and seek through stuck processes. Talent with guts and ambition. Inspiring people. Characteristics that cannot be learned from books. It is a state of mind. Discovering and developing it is what drives us.
Do you have what it takes? Come meet us and let’s get to know eachother during the ACD. Read about our traineeships, check out our website or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for sound and vision!

Talent Program 

Are you passionate about consultancy and / or project management? But, are you still looking for what type of role and environment will suit you best? Check out our multi-company Talent Program!
In our Talent Program you will complete three assignments of approximately 6-8 months in two years for a wide range of companies. From start-up, to non-profit, to corporate. In positions such as project manager, junior consultant and / or business analyst. In this way you can discover which sector, function and environment suits you and what your talents and challenges are. In addition, you will receive intensive personal guidance and an extensive training program during these two years. This involves both hard- skill and soft- skill training. You will follow this training program together with your YC team (8 trainees), which you build a close relationship with.

Dedicated IT Programs
Do you already know that you want to specialize in one function area within IT? And do you have talent, guts and ambition to learn in terms of both content as on a personal level?
Then one of our Dedicated Programs may be something for you. As an IT trainee you have have the possibility to specialize yourself in one job area within a project that suits you well, with the intention to stay after your traineeship. In addition, you will receive an extensive specialist training program (both in terms of content and personal development) from Young Colfield, intensive coaching and a trainee team with who you can share experiences and have fun with.

We currently offer two different Dedicated Programs:
ABN Amro Business IT Program
ING Top Engineer Program


Young Colfield
Where Room 02
When March 4th
Time 09:00 - 12:00

Training - Job interview

Young Colfield
Where Room 02
When March 4th
Time 15:30 - 17:00


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