About Nina van Arum – Entrepreneur


The facts don’t lie. 40% of all women are financially dependent. Men still earn 17% more. And only 13% of the top Dutch boards are women. Nina van Arum is an entrepreneur, investor, role model & inspirer, mother of three teenagers and a professional stumbler about life. Co-owner of Provades, “talenten vinden & ontwikkelen”, ÇA SUFFIT B.V., owner and publisher of “JA JIJ Journals” and director at “Topvrouwen Bouw & Infra”. All products and participating interests contribute part of the proceeds to ÇA SUFFIT FOUNDATION. She also likes to get on the racing bike and has already cycled 750 km once for the forgotten child. Nina will host a women-only event during the ACD 2022. During this session, she will create a safe environment and provide all participants with simple insights into how they can take control of their life and career for the REST of their lives. 

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