Terms & conditions

1. The event

The Amsterdam Career Days will take place from Monday 4th of March till Friday the 8th of March 2024.  The event will take place at Hotel Casa in Amsterdam.

The following activities will be offered:

  • Presentations
  • Cases
  • Trainings
  • Individual meetings
  • Speeddates
  • Lunches
  • Workshops (Sushi, Barista)
  • Sports Activity
  • High Wines
  • Beer tasting
  • Dinners
  • Network Cruises
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Daily Network Drinks and Lunches

The Amsterdam Career Days committee will always retain the right to make adjustments to the program. For unexpected changes in the schedule, the Amsterdam Career Days committee cannot be held responsible.

Only the presentation, trainings, career corner and daily network drinks/lunches do not request a CV-selection.

The network drinks and lunches are free and open to all participants and companies.

2.  Application process

Students can apply for the Amsterdam Career Days via our website. The application period will start on the 19th of January and end on the 16th of February 23:59. Once students’ schedules are available, they will receive an email with all their preliminary program of selected activities.

We urge all students with overlapping activities to cancel one as soon as possible. Our communication channels to students will be via personalized emails and text messages. Wherever necessary, the committee will personally call participants.

The Amsterdam Career Days committee is obliged to present the student’s CV to the companies that the student has signed up for and cannot influence the selection of students. Exclusively the participating companies will execute the selection of students.

3. Cancellation Policy

Participating in the ACD will cost you €7,95. To give everyone a fair chance to participate in popular activities, we apply a no-show policy. This policy concerns all activities except for the daily Company Fair. The policy contains the following rules:

For activities at the ACD (4th – 8th of March):

– If you unsubscribe at least two workdays before the day your activity takes place, you won’t receive a fine. Beware: only cancellations before 5 PM will be accepted.

– If you unsubscribe later than 5 PM, two days before the activity, a fine of €20,- will be charged.

For example: If you are registered for an activity at the ACD on Thursday 7th of March you need to deregister at least before 5 PM on Tuesday 5th of March in order to not get a fine. If you deregister at 5:01 PM on 5th of March, this means a fine will be charged.

– If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the ACD, a fine of €25,- will be charged.

The undersigned authorizes the Amsterdam Career Days committee to initiate withdrawals in accordance with the specified cancellation policy from the IBAN provided during the signup process.

Please keep in mind that we are strict regarding late cancellations or no-shows, because of the arrangements we have made with our partners.


Time Storage

According to Article 5(1)(e) and Recital (39) of the GDPR, information gathered from companies and students will be kept only for the shortest time possible. The data will only be kept and used for processing purposes only. By way of an exception, personal data i.e. company contacts will be kept for a longer period of time for archiving purposes. ACD also ensures that this data is held accurate and kept up-to-date.


By the use of personal data Article (26) of the GDPR, ACD ensure that the data (CV’s) is kept safe and will use methods that ensures the strict confidentiality of the actual data. Several techniques that can be used are personalized anonymization, directory replacement or blurring.


According to Article (28)(f) of the GDPR, ACD ensures that before it is processing the personal data as a controller, compliance is given by the person/party the data belongs to.

5. Not responsible for theft

During the Amsterdam Career Days 2024, you may leave your coat and bag at the cloakroom. The committee 2024, Sefa, Aureus and Hotel Casa are not responsible for any possible damage and/or theft.


Thanks for joining us at the 29th Amsterdam Career Days! We hope you found it rewarding and came away with valuable insights and opportunities. We hope to see you next year at our lustrum 30th Edition!

If you have any other questions, contact us at info@acd.nu