About de Jong & Laan

You don’t just choose a job randomly. Your job should especially fit you well – not only for who you are now but also for who you want to become. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been in the workforce for a while, continuous learning is far from over for you. You want to progress, grow in what you do, and continue developing – as a professional, but above all, as a person. That’s precisely what we offer you at de Jong & Laan. A job that grows with you. We can say A, but ultimately, it’s you who has to say B. If you’re just looking for a job, you’re not in the right place with us. We provide plenty of opportunities; it’s up to you to seize them. You’re in the lead, but you’re never alone. Whatever you do with us, you do it together – with your colleagues, your supervisor, and the management. That’s us as an employer. An accountant for whom it’s not about numbers but about people. About you, specifically. Whether you join us as a tax advisor, business consultant, or accountant, together, we contribute to our collective success. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves entirely to ensuring your success.

Now, the ball is in your court!


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