About Improven

* We exclusively seek Dutch-speaking young professionals because it is necessary for our clients that Dutch is spoken.

Improven is the most enjoyable consulting firm for challenging projects. Are you looking for challenging work where your creativity and passion are appreciated? Together with you, we ensure the right balance between private and work life, as well as between your professional and personal development.

Improven enhances organizational performance by optimizing processes and information provision. We do this from Finance, IT, and Risk perspectives. We enjoy working closely together, with Improven colleagues possessing diverse expertise, and, of course, with the people at the client.

Our commitment extends beyond the individuals in our own organization and those at our clients. We would be happy to tell you more about our social involvement. Diversity and inclusion are not issues for us but rather statements. Our differentiating factor is that we make no distinctions.

Young Improven is the unique program of our rapidly growing consultancy firm specifically designed for someone like you. Are you looking for an inspiring job where your talent is recognized? Where your energy, curiosity, and excellent social skills are appreciated? Where you can do what you’re good at and quickly grow in diverse roles? Then, Young Improven is your chance.

We won’t beat around the bush: during the Young Improven program, you won’t stand still, and it’s all about making strides. Of course, we also provide a safe environment for you to learn and develop. You’ll be given a lot of responsibility right away—enabling you to grow rapidly.

Young Improven offers young talents the opportunity to seize professional opportunities and kickstart their careers. Especially for Young Improven, we have developed an intensive training program that combines professional and skill training, courses, and working on projects. You will, of course, be excellently guided by the experienced consultants of Improven, your supervisor, and by a coach.

At Improven, we understand how important diversity is for team success and workforce effectiveness. We welcome professionals with talent—ambitious individuals who possess the essential knowledge, skills, and personal qualities we desire, regardless of gender or cultural background.

We deploy you on engaging projects with important clients. The projects focus on optimizing processes, information provision, and underlying data flows from the perspectives of Finance, IT, and Risk. You will play various roles, from business analyst to junior project manager and from process advisor to finance specialist. You will also collaborate with colleagues on internal initiatives, such as those related to IT or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We hope to see you at ACD!



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