About ITDS

Who is ITDS?

ITDS is a consultancy for financial service providers and we’ve served renowned Dutch  insurers, banks and pension funds since 1998 We combine the experience we’ve accumulated with our in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation and digital marketing. Because that’s where you’ll find the cutting-edge solutions that will make all the difference.

The industry we operate in is no stranger to monumental challenges – the relentless tide of digitalization, the demand for a more socially responsible approach, ever-changing regulations, and the relentless pursuit of cost efficiency. Yet, within this crucible of challenges, we find our strength. Change is not just a phase; it’s the norm. Tension is not a temporary state; it’s a perpetual force. We thrive in this environment, in a world that’s evolving at breakneck speed. Therefore, we encourage you to join us in taking a closer look and taking the step towards this new reality.

We believe in the strength and value of financial service providers and see opportunities! We provide advice and implementation services while bridging the gap between business and IT.

That’s what makes ITDS unique.

Working for us

In the midst of the constantly evolving financial world, we are ready to take you on an enriching journey of growth and learning that will enhance both your professional and personal path. It’s a journey where your ambition sets the course, and where you have the opportunity to leave your mark on the financial future.

At ITDS, you will be surrounded by a young, driven team of professionals who share a common goal: to strengthen each other. Our bonds are strong, as we encourage one another, celebrate each other’s victories, and work together to provide support. The exchange of ideas, sharing experiences, and our unwavering passion for excellence are the driving force propelling us forward.


Thanks for joining us at the 29th Amsterdam Career Days! We hope you found it rewarding and came away with valuable insights and opportunities. We hope to see you next year at our lustrum 30th Edition!

If you have any other questions, contact us at info@acd.nu