About P5COM

We help organizations perform better. Now and in the future.
Consistently better results, higher customer satisfaction, and employees proud of their work. That’s what we help organizations achieve. Think of caregivers who can spend more time with patients thanks to simplified processes, streamlining youth care administration for a stronger focus on young people, and utilizing data in housing associations for smart sustainability measures.

At P5COM, everything revolves around strengthening organizations with a social profile, such as healthcare, education, governments, and housing associations. No day is the same because our clients and challenges constantly vary. Your ideas make an impact and contribute to sustainable improvements. With our analytical approach, direct involvement, and interaction at all levels, we thoroughly understand organizations like no other.

We teach our clients to do it themselves by sitting next to the employees, understanding them, and working wíth them. This way, we perceive what really happens and what is needed. Expect not boring advisory reports that gather dust on the board’s shelves, but a purposeful effort with enduring results.

Get inspired to drive performance.
We form a warm team of around sixty resourceful, action-oriented consultants. We’re small enough for genuine personal contact and big enough to operate professionally and learn a lot. Making mistakes is allowed; that’s how you learn. Your colleagues motivate, inspire, and lend a hand where necessary, each with their own expertise. We learn from each other and share our knowledge. This way, you develop your own consultancy style, enabling you to facilitate sustainable improvements for our clients too. Together, we work tirelessly every day to make organizations and each other better. Are you ready to get inspired?

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