About Yacht Trainees

A traineeship at Yacht trainees is a work- and educational program designed for highly educated and ambitious graduates. Our traineeships guarantee a flying career start where you develop yourself into a future-proof professional with management skills. We offer traineeships in the fields of HRM, Data/IT, Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Spatial Planning. Yacht trainees is part of the Randstad Holding, and with 5 specializations, 300+ trainees, and 100+ talent partners, we are a well recognized traineeship in the Netherlands.

Through our 3-year program, you get the opportunity to fulfill at least 3 assignments at 3 different companies. We have a network of over 100+ talent partners where you can gain experience in your field, such as Randstad Holding, ASML, Unilever, KLM, PepsiCo, UWV, Rabobank, ABN-AMRO and various municipalities.

Your professional development will grow at a rapid pace by #learningonthejob. At these companies, you are part of the department of your specialization where you fulfill various roles, allowing you to develop your hard skills and get acquainted with different corporate cultures. Through “legal job hopping” and thereby changing environments, you gain a good understanding of who you are, where your strengths lie, and what type of organization and role suit you best!

Your personal development is also key throughout your traineeship. Once you start, you will form a class along with other new trainees for the Pushing Inner Talent (PIT) personal development program by Relevance (Schouten & Nelissen). Each year, you kick off with an outdoor weekend. Subsequently, every three months, you make a PIT stop, participating in training sessions focused on your soft skills. On top of that, the program involves personal coaching, intervision and additional training you can choose that fit your state of development. In this complete process, you will discover your authentic qualities, step out of your comfort zone, and ultimately make a difference by staying true to yourself.

And not entirely unimportant, as a trainee you become part of the Yacht community with many fun and young fellow trainees. We organize various activities such as workshops, drinks, boat trips, sport tournaments, and a yearly ski trip.

Are you interested to learn more about Yacht trainees and the different fields we offer in our traineeships? We are excited to meet you at the Amsterdam Career Days! Sign up for the job case and/or come meet us at the job fair.




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